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QuickBooks Splitter Services

Start a new file for the current year data

Efficiency and accuracy are of top priority for QuickBooks customers. This is why we have designed a service to decrease the size of your data file by extracting selected transactions and importing them back into a clean and error free data file, effectively clearing the prior history and speeding up your file significantly.

If you are running a file that is too large, due to years of history or POS transactions, then QuickBooks Splitter will enable you to recommence a data file mid year with minimal amount of data re-entry.

QuickBooks Splitter will allow you to keep your original settings as we:

  • Import data within your selected date range
  • Bring forward all data preferences
  • Import and maintain inventory items, transactions and average costing
  • Import all lists, as inactive accounts with no history are able to be deleted
  • All uncleared transactions brought forward
  • Reconcile bank and credit card accounts
  • Import and maintain all Debtor and Creditor outstanding balances and information
  • Import balance sheet and/or trial balance figures from starting date
  • Import budgets from your old data file

What we do

  1. We receive your data file from you
  2. We open it to extract all the transactions from your file
  3. We sort the transactions to extract what you require and then repair the transactions to enable them to be imported
  4. We create a new file and bring in all the lists
  5. We bring in the opening journal entry at the start of the year you require
  6. We bring in the actual debtors, creditors and stock on hand as at the start of the year in either total or individual transactions depending on your tax requirements
  7. We bring in the selected transactions
  8. We check all aspects of the data file to ensure integrity and accuracy of the received file
  9. The file is then returned to you

What you will need to do

  1. Apply the payments again to your creditors
  2. Enter year to date figures for your payroll

Individual Services To Save Data Entry

  • Convert aged debtors report into .IIF file format to be imported into your data file. We can deal with unpaid invoices as at any date by individual invoice or by total
  • Convert aged creditors report into .IIF file format to be imported into your data file
  • Convert inventory valuation summary into .IIF file format to be imported into your new data file and save all that data entry

Other uses that our service can be of assistance:

  • Split out current data from large QuickBooks files
  • Merge QuickBooks Files
  • Downgrade from QuickBooks Enterprise to Premier
  • Provide a business purchaser with a file containing only sales information from the vendor's file and not disclose other personal information.
  • Provide a reduced file in case of audit by the tax office

Data integrity is our prime concern so we rebuild and verify all data files, check all data and reports to ensure they match the original file.

We can receive your data file by various means including FTP and endeavour to turn your data file around within 24 hours.

This service is provided using a combination of QuickBooks features and inhouse developed software. Data can be returned in a new data file or integrated in to an existing one.

Unfortunately, at this time we can not bring forward integrated payroll reports but we can set up year to date figures to enable records to continue.

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